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#06 - Formalizing review workflow, OfBorg update, String Context explanation

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?


  • An EPYC NixOS build farm

    Graham explores and benchmarks an AMD EPYC build server against a differently incredible build server, finding the EPYC's builds are much faster across the board.

  • RFC: pkgs.overrideWithScope

    Add pkgs.overrideWithScope. This function is similar to pkgs.override, except that it filters the arguments like callPackage does.

  • OfBorg update

    Build time-outs, push-button deploys, monitoring transparency, and more.

  • RFC 30: Formalize review workflow

    A proposal for a new review workflow based on a set of pull-request states (needs:review, needs:work). It is intended to help reviewers and contributors get PRs merged quicker and reduce likelihood of PRs getting lost. It also greatly increases the value of non-commiter reviews.

  • libnix-haskell released

    libnix provides a nicely typed wrapper around the nix command line (for parsing, instantiating and realizing). It also provides wrappers for the nix-prefetch-url and nix-prefetch-git.

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