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#09 - NixCon 2018 program, macOS 10.14 Mojave support, Haskell and Python packaging tips

There is nothing impossible to them who will try.


  • Help make the Nix ecosystem's docs better

    A lot of people meet DocBook for the first time when they're contributing to the documentation of older, well established open source projects like NixOS. Now there is to help you get past the initial hurdle of "what do I do now?" I hope this helps!

  • A way to develop software with Nix

    This project illustrates using the Nix package manager for programming heterogeneous, multi-module projects. Notably, it provides a Nix library called Pkgs-make to save some of the boilerplate we might have to write when using Nix for managing a software lifecycle. Pkgs-make currently directly supports Haskell and Python development, but has the potential to support other language platforms.

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