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#14 - Reproducible builds summit, Gnome 3.30, RFC process, linter, Arion

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.


To launch a wayland session simply use GDM or SDDM and select the gnome session. Select gnome-xorg to run an X11 session. If you encounter a bug please cc @hedning on github.

  • Fast Docker Compose 'deployments' for development with Arion

A little tool we use at Hercules CI for process supervision of local developer environments. No need to export, load or garbage collect Docker images!

FCP will end on Dec. 20, so go and check no important point has been left undiscussed!

A short demo of CI development progress in the last couple of weeks including what have we worked on.

Nix-linter is a program to check for several common mistakes or stylistic errors in Nix expressions, such as unused arguments, empty let blocks, etcetera.

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