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#02 - 19.03 feature freeze, EU grants, reproducibility, Nix in Debian

Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone.


The nixos-generators project allows to take the same NixOS configuration, and generate outputs for different target formats i.e. ISO, kexec tarballs, qemu's qcow2 format, google cloud images...

  • Code archeology: 15 years ago Nix files had .fix extension.

Compare original MPlayer expression, it's first rewrite and modern view

by @samueldr aims to provide a one-click command solution to running a hydra instance for development purposes.

Matthew Bauer makes great recommendations on non-programming ways you can help make 19.03 the best NixOS release yet.

Grants are available to make your privacy-enhancing or search-and-discovery project.

Initial testing shows NixOS's minimal ISO image is already over 98% reproducible, thanks to the great effort of many contributors.

The repositories of distributions such as Debian and Nixpkgs are among the largest collections of open source (and some unfree) software. They are complex systems that connect and organize many interdependent packages. In this blog post we try to shed some light on them from the perspective of Nixpkgs, mostly with visualizations of its complete dependency.

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