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#04 - Static rootless Nix, SRE job, homebrew to Nix migration

I love those who yearn for the impossible


Salar wrote a step-by-step tutorial how to migrate from homebrew to Nix.

Tired of manually configuring your CUPS printers every time you set up a new NixOS host? Please take a look and give it a try to see whether everything works with your setup!

Matthew shows how using statically linked Nix in a 5MB binary, one can use Nix without root. With an one-liner shell, you can use Nix to install any software on a Linux machine.

While the job description doesn't mention Nix (yet), we've been hinted it is a Nix job.

Wael wrote a step-by-step tutorial for deploying a static site (blog) using Hugo static generator.

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