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#09 - autobake, setup.nix for Python, macOS stdenv updates, nixfmt, Elm tooling, gitignore and a job

The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure - Dale Carnegie


Asko proposes a new Python development tool

Matthew's overview of recent stdenv updates, which also bumps minimal supported version to 10.12.

Serokell releases nixfmt 0.1 with a focus on speed and are looking for feedback.

Linux and macOS packages tooling for Elm: elm-test, elm-verify-examples, elm-analyse, elm-doc-preview

who will be responsible for maintaining and developing services such as build system, monitoring, name resolution, configuration management, and the like. Groq uses formal methods, Haskell, and NixOS to build processors.

Robert announces gitignore that precisely emulates git behaviour and goes into details how it compares with existing solutions

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