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#10 - Redox on NixOS, ad-hoc container images, nix-mode.el, static site deploys, a job

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago - Warren Buffett


An attempt to embrace Nix instead of constantly working around the limitations to build Redox OS. The ultra optimistic long-term goal is to be a competing alternative to the GNU make build system the project currently uses, to make Redox builds reproducible and reliable.

made by @tazjin

EuAndreh goes through the journey of installing NixOS on their laptop.

Added support for the indentation function smie-indent-line in NixOS/nix-mode#79 & NixOS/nix-mode#80. Thanks to @j-piecuch and @matthewbauer for the work and testing.

For our Software Infrastructure team, which is responsible for our build, packaging, CI and deployment tooling. We’re using Nix to package our complex C++ and Python stack, and as part of our wider development environment for our fast-moving trading and research applications.

Tungsten Fabric is the open-source offering of Contrail by Juniper Networks - a powerful SDN solution used by many big names in the IT industry. The nixpkgs-tungsten project provides tools and workflows that make it much easier to work with, and on Tungsten Fabric itself.

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