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#12 - Mobile NixOS, import-from-derivation, one-page introduction, runtime type-checker, a job

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. - Aesop


Vincent wrote a one-page introduction to Nix language, covering language features you'll most likely encounter from day one.

Using the boot.loader.grub.mirroredBoots module to have redundant boots with an encrypted ZFS mirror.

Serokell is looking for remote full-time Nix SREs.

Yants is a small runtime type-checker for Nix that can check primitives (int, string, etc.) , simple polymorphic types (option, list, attrs), structs/records, enums, functions and more.

It features pattern matching for enum variants, pretty-printed function types and other niceties! Check out the link for screenshots.

Robin goes into the details of RFC process that Nix community established last year.

Vaibhav shows how to use Nix to package iHaskell into a docker container.

Samuel announced full-time involvement into NixOS mobile and the current state of the project.

Git hooks, packaged with Nix, enforced at development time and on a CI.

Matthew explains how to use multiple revisions of nixpkgs to mix stable vs. bleeding edge packages.

Hercules CI gained a crucial feature for development teams. The post goes into the detail how evaluation and realization phases work in Nix and why sometimes mixing the two makes sense.

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