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#03 - NixOS Weekly

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines - Robert H. Schuller

News is nix build as a service, allowing you to easily run distributed builds without having to setup, scale and maintain build servers.

Crowdfunding campaign to fund a complete rework of error messages in Nix to improve beginner's experience and make working with the tooling pleasant.

contextflow is an award winning Vienna-based startup using AI on 3D medical images to improve radiology workflows. We are looking for a fulltime Senior DevOps and Backend Engineer (m/f) with NixOs experience.

nix-freeze-tree is a utility that walks a directory tree, and writes out Nix expressions which rebuild that tree. The generated expressions have two important properties: a) Each file in the tree is built by a separate fixed-output derivation, and b) Directories are built by derivations that symlink their contents recursively. If you are using nix copy to ship a derivation between nix stores, copying the derivation built by evaluating the output of nix-freeze-tree can reuse existing files in the destination store, as fixed-output derivations can be checked against a hash before copying.

Christine talks about packaging Go and Elm application with Nix and publishing binaries to Cachix.

Christine talks about packaging and developing Rust with Nix.

  • Nixpkgs reached 200,000 commits milestone

It took less than 3 years since previous 100,000 milestone

Yann talks about how to package Coq with Nix using a simple tutorial.

We want to try to use nix(pkgs) to build perfectly reproducible environments in a context where the users wouldn’t even be aware that nix is a thing that exists (unless, obviously, they want to know). This is in the context of a bioinformatics application, written in Haskell, but the nixpkgs integration can be done without writing Haskell code (NGLess)

Thomas has written a tutorial covering the problem that overlays are trying to solve, as well as how to use them.

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