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#05 - NixOS Weekly

One today is worth two tomorrows - Benjamin Franklin



This is the first in a series of blog posts intended to provide a gentle introduction to flakes, a new Nix feature that improves reproducibility, composability and usability in the Nix ecosystem.

This blog post describes why flakes were introduced, and give a short tutorial on how to use them.

Tutorials & Resources

Over the past year and a bit, Shopify has been progressively rebuilding parts of our developer tooling with Nix.

Burke Libbey dives into explaining Nix before diving into what's planned for the future.

Have you ever been burned by forgetting to update a hash of a Fixed Output Derivation? Or realizing it hasn't worked since a while during an update?

This article explores your options at re-running fixed output derivation on input changes.

A Mumble server has been provisioned for use by the Nix community. Feel free to lurk in the lobby or create your own channels for hosting meetings and discussions.

Join with nix run nixpkgs.mumble -c mumble mumble://$

A tool to find all past versions of a package that were available in a channel, the revision you can download it from, and a copy-paste command for how to install it.

Showcase of Nix usage for various technologies.

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