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#06 - NixOS Weekly

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action - Herbert Spencer



Nearly every C++ file in the repo was touched! This will be the biggest PR, by far, for this project. Getting this in is a major feat!

Next up, I'm looking forward to finishing out this phase with showing the lines of code for errors, and supporting show-trace in the new format. I expect that PR to be much easier, both to make the changes and to review them.

Tutorials & Resources

An introduction to the Nix ecosystem and a collection of resources to get started.

Thorough overview of NixOS.

Introduction how to get started with Nix for development in teams.

Introduction for achieving reproducibility with Nix.

A few short notes what to avoid when writing Nix.

How, a messaging app, uses Nix to achieve the 'holy grail' of reproducible builds.

How nixpkgs links against macOS's system libraries.

Tutorial with step by step instructions for installing NixOS on tmpfs. Also an introduction to how to have a usable /home on tmpfs.


Shopify is looking to grow a Nix team to continue its roll-out of Nix-based environments to development, CI, and production, across macOS and Linux.

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