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#07 - NixOS Weekly

Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value - Albert Einstein



Nixpkgs now supports cross-compiling to the Redox operating system. The redoxpkgs overlay has been created to fix packages for Redox

Tutorials & Resources

What is nix-shell and how to use it.

WFVM automatically bootstraps a Windows image inside QEMU that you can use to run unit tests on Hydra for example.

NixOS-based Django deployment

Convert systemd service files to nixpkgs syntax

Explores the concepts behind Nix and Docker, explains in which ways they are different and similar, and shows some examples how both tools can be combined.

Atomic secret provisioning for NixOS based on sops.

An alternative solution (in-development) to convert a pom.xml file into a Nix expression to help package Maven applications within Nix.

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