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#08 - NixOS Weekly



Conference dates: Oct. 16th – 18th, 2020. Live streaming on

Help stabilize NixOS for the upcoming 20.09 Release

Based on your feedback there are two minor changes to how garbage collection behaves in Cachix.

Tutorials & Resources

An Emacs Lisp reader in Nix.

Nixify your DConf files (Gnome3 configuration) as expected by Home Manager's dconf settings.

A tool made to adopt Nix in your Python project, and to contribute to Nixpkgs with package definitions.

Demonstrates how we can combine Nix and Docker in unorthodox ways -- we can replace traditional Docker images for dependency management by a shared Nix store, use Docker as a backend for my experimental Nix process management framework and use Disnix as a simple orchestrator for Docker containers.

A fast Documentation Searcher for Nix. Its database consists of Nixpkgs Documentation, Nixpkgs Comments, Nixpkgs Tree (pkgs., pkgs.lib.), NixOS Options and Home-Manager Options.

Installing older versions of packages in Nix is easy but currently there is no official way to find out what revision has the package version that I need.

Monkeying around with nix for HPC systems which have no root access and NFS filesystems.

First preliminary release of bbb4nix, a way to run BigBlueButton on NixOS.

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