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#04 - NixOS Weekly

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. – Earl Nightingale



Jonathan Ringer, release manager, announces NixOS 21.05 release with 1745 contributors in 33474 commits.

Replit replaces Docker with Nix and drastically improves support for languages.

Please thank him for all his hard work!

Domen Kožar introduces the Nix ecosystem.

Nix in Production with Domen Kožar

NixNG is a proof-of-concept distribution which works very similarly to NixOS, but aims to run well in containers and also smells more BSD-esque. Currently, it uses runit instead of systemd, but we're open to multi-init support and also to our own init system.

Tutorials & Resources

A template Nix setup for new Rust projects.

Everything that you need to read, write and understand Nix expressions.

Utility to easily integrate Cargo projects with Nix. Tries to handle (almost) everything for you and enables configuration from Cargo.toml files.

Utility to set up a template that uses nix-cargo-integration.

Use Nix flakes without any fluff! (extension of flake-utils)

Learn about Nix, Nix flakes, and how to use Nix flakes to build applications in various languages.

With the Nix process management framework you can write high-level deployment specifications of running processes, that can be managed with a variety of process managers (e.g. systemd, supervisord, launchd, s6-rc). Furthermore, you can construct multiple instances of the same processes and deploy them as an unprivileged user. The testing framework allows you to validate a service under all these conditions.

Use Nix Flakes to build and run a 64 bit RiscV Kernel written in Rust.


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